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Everything starts with the passion of a Veronese young man for the classical elegance, bespoke clothing and especially for ties and high quality silks.

After several years spent working all around the world, that passion turned into a project that offers to the lovers of fine clothing and of the most authentic elegance a product that is italian but international at the same time and deep-rooted in the British tradition.

For this reason, we mainly use English silks, of the highest quality and handcrafted, like Ancient Madder, creating a refined product with attention to every detail.

Our artisans make entirely by hand ties and accessories that epitomize our passion, the attention to the detail and the continuous search for the highest quality.

Nicolò Volpe project can be summarized in these words: by a connoisseur for connoisseurs.

Nicolò Volpe

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The Ancient Madder

The Ancient Madder has an important place in the history of British tie making. It is a silk dyed and printed by hand usually with