How we work

The basis of our work is, in the first place, our taste for the traditional English and Italian ties, especially for the silk printed with geometrical and floral patterns, a true timeless classic.

We want the colors of our ties to be rich, warm, deep, without being flamboyant or over the top. That is why we love for instance Ancient Madder, an exquisite silk rooted in the British tradition, produced with old methods by only an handful of English manufacturers.

That choice goes along with a background made of travels, experiences, books and an imaginary made of libraries of ancient universities, cloisters of Italian abbeys, the summer sun of Middle Eastern cities, the blooming meadows of the hills of Verona.

All those things lead us to select carefully the fabrics we use for our neckties at those suppliers that fully reflect our vision and that focus their work on a very high-quality manifacturing.

Then Italian artisans, entirely by hand, realize products distinguished by details of absolute refinement like the hand rolled edges of our untipped ties.

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The Ancient Madder

The Ancient Madder has an important place in the history of British tie making. It is a silk dyed and printed by hand usually with